Balloon Sinuplasty

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Balloon sinuplasty is a term which is referred to a sinus balloon procedure performed by a Private ENT specialist which widens the sinus opening to reduce congestion, sinus pain and infection.


Sinuplasty procedures reduce sinus blockages, which inturn reduces headaches and infections by permanently opening of the sinus passage.


The Balloon Sinuplasty process utilizes a catheter that is inserted inside the nostrils reaching the blocked passageway of the sinus. Once the catheter successfully leads the balloon to the accurate location, it is inflated by the surgeon to remove the blockage and restore the functional drainage. With the opening of the sinus, the catheter and balloon are removed.

Length and Time of Procedure:

Period of the process may vary depending on the degree or amount of blockage found in the passageway of sinus. Clinical studies have made known that the standard procedure duration is about an hour, where none of the treated patients have to make a long stay in the hospital.  


Most of the adults as well as children completely recover within a period of 48 hours of treatment after Balloon Sinuplasty.

Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty:

Safe and Effective:

Just about every single surgical procedure that is performed engages a few risks, but clinical researches carried out over balloon sinuplasty signify that this sinuplasty procedure is not only efficient, but exceptionally safe as well. This means that patients can undergo this surgery without any hesitations or concerns as such.

Less Bleeding:

Since there is no tissue or bone removal involved in this process; the bleeding caused due to sinuplasty procedure is very minimal, so there isn’t much of a risk involved.

Less Invasive:

The preeminent part about this technique is that it includes flexible, small and soft devices in the procedure that are placed through the nostrils. These devices treat the blocked openings of sinus very gently. In the end, the blockage gets to be opened without any tissue or bone removal.
Quick recovery: The recovery period generally varies from patient to patient. However, in most of the cases, patients quickly restore their normal lifestyle and activities, which is generally not possible in case of surgical procedures.

Future Treatment Alternatives:

Another great thing related this process is that it doesn’t edge your options for future treatment. This process works ideally even when combined with other sinus operations, surgery techniques as well as additional medical therapies.

These are only a few advantages to this procedure, and there are lots of other benefits that come along this treatment. If you are suffering from any such conditions, don’t hesitate to consult your Private ENT Specialist.

This surgery does not take much time and offers very effortless and satisfactory results. Recovery is as quick as the treatment itself, which means quick relief from the hospital too. As a rule patients can get back to their daily lifestyle in a couple of days or within a week. 

balloon sinuplasty