Throat Surgery for Snoring


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There are quite a few people out there who need to get the throat operation for snoring performed.  Many of them have tried to end the problem using different methods that have not worked and this involves the use of nutrition aids, snoring pillows and CPAP machine. A throat operation is generally opted for by people who have problems like sleep apnea. The operation acts as the last option in terms of ending the issue of snoring. With many of the procedures used, the rate of success is high for this particular procedure and it is important for you to be aware of the options that are available by visiting an ENT surgeon.

Choosing your Private ENT Specialist

Anirvan Banerjee specializes in treating ear nose and throat conditions such as snoring. When choosing the right ENT surgeon who can perform a throat operation for snoring, it is important to ensure that you identify one who is highly experienced. The reason is that you can easily trust such a specialist and be comfortable with him, since you know that he is an expert in his area.

Common operational procedures for snoring cessation

The CAPSO, which is also known as the Cautery Assisted Palatal-Stiffening Operation is the one that leads to the hardening of the throat and soft palate tissues. The ENT surgeon can operate you on outpatient basis. As for CAUP, also known as Coutrey-assisted UvulopalatoPlasty, it is actually meant to shorten the uvula. This procedure can also be carried out on outpatient basis. During the pillar procedure, three or four small rods tend to be placed in your soft palate in order to make it firm. The procedure has been approved by the FDA and dentists have also performed it. The aim of the LAUP or Laser-Assisted UvuloprolatoPlasty is to vaporize an area of the soft palate and the uvula. While the uvula is shortened, the soft palate is reduced in size.

The success rates of the above throat operations for snoring

The success rate of the CAPSO procedure is 90% with regards to its short term results, while on long term basis, it is 75%. The success rate of CAUP is approximately 80% and it is generally rather beneficial in solving the issue. This procedure does not deal with the soft palate, yet it is the one that is responsible for snoring most of the times. If you are considering the pillar procedure as your chosen throat operation for snoring, it is a procedure that is relatively new and according to recent reports, about 80 percent of bed patients had a notable improvement in terms of the patients that were suffering with sleep apnea. The success rate of LAUP is 70-80% in terms of snoring.

Common problems associated with the operation

Just as with any other operation out there, a throat operation for snoring may also come with some risks and problems. With the above procedures, the risk is relatively low, but it is possible for you to develop complications like soreness and infections, which can turn rather irritating.

Note that when you understand the surgery options for snoring reduction that are available, making the best decision cannot be a problem either for you or for your family. The operation can go a long way in improving the life of a patient.