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Arrange a Consultation

If you would like to arrange a private consultation with Mr Banerjee, this is usually done as a referral by your GP (mandatory for medically insured patients), or you can make a self-referral if you are funding the consultation yourself.

GP Referral

If you have private medical insurance and wish to use it to cover the cost of treatment, you will first need to visit your GP to explain your symptoms and request a referral to Mr Banerjee. Most medical insurance companies will cover the cost of any ENT treatment that may be required if you are unsure or would like to check, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Self Referral

Some treatments can be arranged through self-referral if you plan to pay yourself. If you wish to arrange an initial consultation please call Mr Banerjee’s secretary to arrange an appointment or email, a regular private clinics is held on Monday afternoons/evenings at a time to suit you.