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“Mr Banerjee has been treating me for a number of years for excess ear-wax. I visit him at least every 3 months to control the condition and since I started treatment with him I have had none of the downsides that I previously experienced such as pain, deafness and some dizziness.
The experience that I have received has been first class and nothing has ever been too much trouble. His bedside manner is designed to put you at ease making the experience stress free.
Not only would I recommend Mr Banerjee to anyone but both my wife and son have been his patients for various ENT related conditions.
The referral process has been seamless and straightforward, the delay in appointments being minimal. I can only describe the service that my family and I have received is first class and long may it continue.”
Bob Jefferson

“Some twelve months ago, carrying a debilitating ear issue, I was sent for an appointment at James Cook Hospital for further treatment.  Whilst there I was lucky enough to be seen by Mr Banerjee.
What followed was remarkable.  I was diagnosed swiftly and categorically and over the next few months I was talked through the options.  Mr Banerjee made me feel safe in what was a terrifying time for me.  I was required to have a double radical mastoidectomy; both surgeries performed by Mr Banerjee with the utmost care and attention.
He, has, without hyerbole, ‘gave me back my life’ and I owe him hugely.  I cannot speak highly enough of him, his professionalism, his listening skills, his manners and his attitude and I would not hesitate a millisecond in recommending him to patients who require the best possible care.”
Graham Farrow

“I saw Mr Banerjee after suffering for a number of months with a debilitating balance issue which my GP had diagnosed as Menieres Disease.
Mr Banerjee swiftly identified the issue as Vestibular Dysfunction and I undertook a balance rehabilitation programme. In a matter of months I am practically fully recovered and the physical and significant psychological effects of the condition are behind me. I am delighted to be able to return to my active lifestyle.”
Alicia Hebron

“I saw Mr Banerjee regarding breathing problems through my nose and soreness, immediately I felt at ease with his friendly down to earth manner.  He listened engagingly at my issues I was having, and proposed a solution of Septoplasty surgery.  Sounded a bit scary, but after Mr Banerjee explained the procedure and my recovery, I was happy to comply, as I knew I was in professional safe hands.
On my surgery day, Mr Banerjee again explained exactly what he was going to do, and made me feel comfortable and at ease.  Post surgery he continued with the engaging, friendly and caring personality, ensuring I was happy before discharging me.   My recovery ran to plan as he had explained, and I am so happy with the result and no more problems.
Without hesitation I would recommend Mr Banerjee.”
Lisa Williams

“It is really good to consult an expert.
At the end of August 2017, I suddenly developed a very distracting, intermittent clicking in my right ear. It was initially thought to be Eustachian Tube Dysfunction which should clear up over a few weeks. However, after 8 weeks it had become even worse and I was told I would need to see a Consultant. On the NHS it would be several weeks before I could get an appointment and, as the irritation was so bad,  I asked if I could go private.
I was recommended to see Mr Banerjee, and an appointment was arranged to see him within days, at the local Nuffield Hospital. He gave me a detailed examination, including inserting a camera into my nostril, followed by a hearing test with one of his colleagues. His diagnosis was that I was suffering from a somewhat rarer condition known as a Patulous Eustachian Tube. He advised that I should immediately stop using the steroid spray I was using. He explained the condition in detail and the treatment options. He also suggested that I should have an MRI scan to make sure that I had nothing more serious going on in my head. This was arranged to be done at  the Nuffield 3 days later.
A few days after that I went and saw Mr Banerjee again for the results. He immediately reassured me that the scan showed that all else was normal and that he did not recommend that I have an operation to cure it. He said that hopefully over the next few weeks it should heal on its own. This was a great relief to me. The speed and thoroughness with which I was treated certainly justified the cost.”
Don Wray

‘I went to see Mr Banerjee after suffering with a severe throat irritation for many months.
He knew what it was immediately and started me on a course of treatment and dietary restrictions.
6 weeks later I have no more irritation and am sleeping well again.
Thank you so much.’
Mercia Gallagher